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December 2nd, 2008 by Grey in Grey


All those required photo classes in uni paid off.



School Requirement Shoot

December 2nd, 2008 by Sachiko in Sachiko

Had an enjoyable time two weekends ago at a park with Grey. I had a photo assignment for class and he was kind enough to go with me. It wasn’t really a park but a cemetery. I know it may sound creepy shooting my assignment there but it was an interesting place. Lots of sprawling grass and interesting buildings. Lots of things to shoot, really.

Sachiko and GreyThe afternoon was made more pleasant by the company. Grey is a very interesting person and I had fun listening to his stories about growing up in England with his little brother Wills, going on an exchange student program in Spain, about music and writing. It appears that he’s sort of in a band. Well, not a formal band anymore but he still writes music and occasionally jams with his friends. Oh, and yeah, he works in advertising! I found it really cool and told him so, but he was quick to dissuade me, saying that it only sounds glamorous but in real life, it’s a very tough, frustrating job.

Overall, it was a very fun, productive afternoon. I managed to finish my school requirements and it was also fun making new friends. I do hope I didn’t appear too silly, with my trite concerns but Grey seemed to be such a good listener as I was talking his ears off, hahaha.



FRIENDS ONLY: Make Seiji jealous Step 1!

November 29th, 2008 by Sachiko in Sachiko

I’m so happy the blog’s back up. Blame Kao-chan for not paying the bills. Don’t listen to Seiji, he’s just trying to save face. I know for a fact that Kao-chan was just too lazy to go to the bank to pay for our account’s bills. She’s so silly, especially for a grown up.

Anyway, I need to get you guys up to date! I listened to Midori-chan, Colette and Mith’s suggestion! I gave Grey a call and arranged for a date! He was very much surprised but he was pretty cool about it. He’s so nice in fact, and I feel guilty about using him to make Seiji jealous but I figure it’s all right since I think he wasn’t thinking much of the so-called date. Half the time, I think his brain was elsewhere but who cares? I accomplished my mission—go out with someone else. Now ladies, wish me luck as I try to compose my public post. The one that Seiji will actually see. Then let’s see how HE reacts. OHOHOHOHOHOHO!

(Damnit. Why do I keep hanging around this house? I’m starting to pick up Kao’s mannerisms! What’s up with that laugh anyway?)




November 25th, 2008 by Seiji in Seiji

Our apologies for the downtime. We had server issues. The site is back up again, however so bloggers may resume posting. Thank you for your patience.



FRIENDS ONLY: Seiji you moron!

October 31st, 2008 by Sachiko in Sachiko

UGH! He’s soooo annoying! Did anyone see that comment he made on my most recent blog post? Who does he think he is? Does he think I’m a 7-year-old kid whose hand needs to be held all the time?

UGH! Sometimes I just want to hit him with a blunt instrument. For a supposed smart guy he’s so stupid. I can’t believe I actually like the guy. Maybe I should go and date someone else just to see if he’ll get jealous. But with my luck, I’ll get that little sister line again. Aaaargh! Why can’t I like someone else? BOYS!




October 30th, 2008 by Wills in Wills





October 30th, 2008 by Junpei in Junpei




I love sweets!

October 29th, 2008 by Aki in Aki

Kitkat Mousse
So happy! Oniichan is so sweet. We stopped by the mall on our way home today because he needed to meet up with someone. They were supposed to meet at a coffee shop but we got there early so he treated me to coffee and the nyummiest chocolate mousse while waiting. Soooo good! I even wanted to lick my plate clean, it was that good. Lucky for me, Seiji-nii hates sweet things so I didn’t have to share, heehee. I’m sure Sachiko will regret cutting class today; she would’ve enjoyed the cake too, among other things, heehee.

331/365 Wills and Aki
Oh, and I got to meet his friend Sebastian too. Niichan needed to borrow some books for a paper he’s writing so they agreed to meet up. Sebastian was the one who was helping Niichan set-up this blog portal but it was mostly an online exchange so we were very surprised to find out he lives nearby. He goes to our university too so I guess we’ll see more of him. That would be nice, heehee.



FRIENDS ONLY: New beginnings? Maybe.

October 27th, 2008 by Grey in Grey

Yesterday proved to be an auspicious day. Despite being stood up for lunch (yes, I’m looking at you, MirĂ³), the day proved to be very pleasant, thanks to a chance meeting. I was relaxing at the rock garden in Little Tokyo, taking in the relaxing atmosphere when I heard the incessant clicking of a camera. I sought to locate the photographer but instead, I found a cute little redhead.

Her name’s Sachiko. She’s only half-Japanese but she’s lived in Tokyo most of her life. She’s living with some friends right now, just a block away from my own house. She still goes to school, I think. I’m betting she’s still in her teens, 18 or 19 maybe? Still, she’s a pretty interesting person to talk to and I wouldn’t mind getting to know her more. She had her camera with her so I took her photo, under the pretense of wanting to try her camera out.

Here’s the photo I took of Sachiko:
Sachiko and her Bokeh

Yes, I managed to locate her photo online. It helps having a computer geek for a brother. I tend to pick up computer tricks from him all the time.

And yes, may I remind you people, this is a friends only / locked post. What’s posted here, stays here. Understood?



Weekend at the Park

October 27th, 2008 by Sachiko in Sachiko

Prayer I just hate how quickly the weekend goes by. So much to do, so little accomplished. I went off to a park in Makati to shoot. No reason at all, it’s just that it’s been so long since I used my camera. Everyone has busy though so I had to go solo. Both Aki and her stupid brother, even the stupider Junpei was busy. So annoying, I needed someone to bully into carrying my camera case. I took lots of photos of the chapel in Greenbelt *points to left*, and lots of little duckies roaming around. Lots of plant shots too but they’re pretty boring so I won’t bother posting.

I spy...Afterwards, I lunched at this adorable little place called Little Tokyo. I took more photos there after lunch, where I met this rocker looking dude. To my surprise, it turns out he lives in our neighborhood! Funny how we’d meet miles away from home.

His name’s Grey, btw, and he’s British. I thought he was Japanese at first but when we started talking, there was no mistaking that accent. He says he writes to make ends meet but his real passion is for music. Anyway, we promised to meet up later, probably down South since our homes are so near. I think it’ll be a good idea to introduce him to the guys since he mentioned he doesn’t have many friends here yet. I’m sure it’ll be fun.