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about doki-doki central

What is Doki-doki Central?

Doki-doki Central is a fictional account of the lives and loves of kaoko’s pullip, taeyang and dal dolls. This supposed blog portal pieces together the stories of their lives through blog posts they themselves have written.

Aside from kaoko’s dolls, also blogging here is Cla’s MirĂ³. [Insert Brokeback Mountain joke here.]

What are Pullips, Taeyangs and Dals?

Pullips, Taeyangs and Dals are Japanese fashion dolls with big heads, similar to the very popular Blythe dolls. Manufactured by Jun-Planning (JP), these limited release dolls are collector’s items rather than children’s toys.

The original doll line is Pullip, a 17-year old girl. This was followed by the discontinued boy doll line, Namu. He was eventually replaced by the current boy doll line, Taeyang, aka, Pullip’s boyfriend. Lastly, joining them is Dal, a pouty 12-year old girl who’s Taeyang’s little sister.

Why doki-doki?

Doki-doki is the Japanese onomatopoeia for an excited, rapidly beating heart. It’s used a lot in shoujo manga (girls’ comics) for those romantic, heart thumping moments.